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Jeremy Story

Prophetic Voice

Catalyzing Action

The World Has Enough Speakers. We Need People Of Action. Jeremy Story Has Led Nationwide Movements For Almost Three Decades.

"Speaking alone creates followers. Speaking plus coaching and consulting builds movements, companies, non-profits and multiplies leaders. "
Jeremy Story

About Jeremy

Jeremy Story lives with his wife and 7 children in the Austin, TX area. He is a graduate of the University of Texas with a degree in government. While there he developed a vision for transformation through prayer and partnerships between the Christian Ministries and churches on a campus. Jeremy is passionate and effective at bringing leaders together to multiply the effectiveness of the businesses and movements they lead. He has a life motto that ‘people can do more together than they can apart.’


He currently serves as the President of Campus Renewal, a national non-profit serving as a catalyst to convene students and college ministers from different churches and non-profits in united prayer and mission. He recently founded, Every Student Sent, a national social network platform involving most every national campus ministry and most denominations. He has also worked in the for-profit sector building two businesses from scratch that sold to customers in most every state. Presently he also runs an IT consulting, software implementation and digital marketing business that serves non-profits and some for-profits.  He also is the state Chaplain for the Republican Party of Texas.  He has invested time praying and ministering directly to leaders from both major political parties.


Jeremy is a lifelong advocate of investing in the next generation. Over the past 23 years he has worked to train leaders across the nation and the world to work together to reach college students with the message and presence of Jesus and through them to bring positive impact to the society these students graduate to lead. Jeremy has worked with 100’s of campuses and has traveled to over 40 states and 5 continents towards this vision. Along the way he has consulted with and trained CEOs of for-profit companies, collegiate non-profits and thousands of local campus ministers.

Advisor and Board Member

  • America’s National Prayer Committee
  • The National Day of Prayer
  • The Executive Board of Intercessors for America
  • The Collegiate Day of Prayer

What Others Say...


Brian H.
National Speaker

II’ve known Jeremy since ’99. He’s a man born to mark a generation. As a family man, he starts in the home—and with unrelenting passion, he seeks to partner with the Father to catalyze kingdom transformation on the university campuses across the United States (and beyond).


Samuel P.
Investment Banker

Jeremy is a visionary, energetic and encouraging leader who is putting legs to his words. He is someone who leads by example and genuinely considers other’s interests before his own. I am privileged to have served along side Jeremy and have been greatly blessed under his leadership and spiritual guidance. I highly recommend Jeremy Story


Troy A.
State Political Leader

Jeremy is passionate and focused on one thing — prayer and the worship of Christ. I have rarely seen anyone in my career of 20 years that has ever come close to the level of commitment he has shown via CRM and the campus renewal movement. I have seen him in many valleys and in situations of peril to his own self interest — but unwavering to the vision God has given him. If I chose one word to describe him — faithful.

He is always seeking to learn from others and willing to submit himself to their counsel. He is incredibly accountable and follows through on his word.


Steve S.
National Non-Profit CEO
And Author

I have known and collaborated with Jeremy for over ten years and his love for God and students is so strong. His commitment to prayer and unity in the body of Christ is outstanding. He is a visionary and leader and I respect him immensely.

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